About …

Windows Live Mail is a free e-mail client program that is the successor to Windows XP’s Outlook Express and Vista’s Windows Mail. Unlike those two programs, Windows Live Mail is not bundled with the operating system; it’s a free-standing application available for download or, in many cases, pre-installed by computer manufacturers or vendors.

Having used the program for many years and participated in newsgroups and forums where people ask questions about it, I’ve built up quite a bit of experience that it seems right to share. That’s why I opened this site; I hope you find it useful. Much of the material has been shamelessly lifted from other sources, thanks to the many who have documented bugs and features in newsgroups and forums. I can’t remember all their names, but they include Greg Natoli, Mike Santovec, Peter.R, Robert Aldwinckle and Ron Sommer.

If you have trouble getting my tips & tricks to work, please use the Contact page to get in touch and I’ll see if I can help. But please don’t ask me to deal with error messages or problems with writing, sending or receiving mail. The official support site has several articles dealing with common problems, and questions asked there will usually be answered within a day or two.

Noel Burgess