Keyboard shortcuts

Although there are many keyboard shortcuts in the program to make life easier for users who prefer these to mouse clicks, they are not documented anywhere. The problem with compiling a list is that the effect of a particular combination of keystrokes depends on the context in which it’s used, and what is in focus or selected at the time. For example, Control-P for Print will only work if a message is being displayed.
Many commands in the program have accelerator keys, but these are usually so complex as to have limited usefulness for the keyboard jockey. They are revealed by pressing the Alt key.
Here’s an interim list of shortcuts that apply in the mail window.  Some of them will apply in other modes (Calendar, Contacts, Feeds and News – or Control-2, 3, 4 and 5), or may initiate an action appropriate to that mode, like Control-N which opens a New mail message, event, contact, mail message or newsgroup post respectively in those modes.
F1 Help
F3 Find in message
F4 Find a message
F5 Send/Receive
F6 Move focus between panes
F10 Show/hide accelerators
F12 Save as
Control-F1 Show/hide ribbon
Control-F2 Show message body
Control-F3 Show message source
Control-F5 Update all
Control-F10 Show/hide accelerators
Alt-F1 Expand/collapse folder pane
Alt-F4 Close
Alt-Y Help
Control-A Select All
Control-C Copy
Control-D Delete
Control-E Search
Control-F Forward
Control-I Go to default Inbox
Control-J Go to next folder with unread message
Control-N New message
Control-O Open
Control-P Print
Control-Q Mark as read/unread
Control-R Reply
Control-U Go to next unread
Control-V Paste
Control-X Cut
Control-Y Go to folder
Control-Z Undo
Control-2 Switch to Calendar
Control-3 Switch to Contacts
Control-4 Switch to Feeds
Control-5 Switch to News
Control-< Previous message
Control-> Next message
Control-Shift-C Add a Contact
Control-Shift-E New Event (headed New Message)
Control-Shift-F Find a message
Control-Shift-K Switch to Feeds
Control-Shift-L Switch to Newsgroups
Control-Shift-M New Message
Control-Shift-N New Message
Control-Shift-O Options
Control-Shift-R Reply
Control-Shift-T Add an account
Control-Shift-U Next unread message
Control-Shift-V Move to folder
Control-Shift-W New newsgroup post
Control-Shift-X Switch to Calendar
Control-Alt-F Add feed
Control-Alt-J Delete permanently
Control-Alt-P New photo email (select)
Shift-Alt-F Opens New menu
Shift-Alt-H View in HTML
Shift-Alt-I Show Folders tab
Shift-Alt-S Show Accounts tab
Shift-Alt-V Show View tab
Shift-Alt-Y Help
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